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Oil, Chad


The Republic of Dagestan is located by the Caspian Sea in the Russian Federation. The Middle Caspian basin occupies a large area between the Great Caucasus fold-belt and the southern edge of the Precambrian Russian Craton. With 14.4 billion barrels of oil equivalent (BOE), the Middle Caspian is ranked 27th among the world oil provinces.

Dagestan is rich in energy resources, embedded onshore and offshore in the Caspian Sea. The fulcrum of power still resides in the funds Moscow provides to the Caucasian Republic, as the extraction of hydrocarbons is not considered a priority for the Moscow administration.

Boe Offshore (BO) owns 50% of OOO Selli and OOO Gasha, companies based in Dagestan in the Northern Caucasus region. The companies OOO Selli and OOO Gasha own 100% rights of exploration in the OOO Selli and OOO Gasha Oilfields licenses in the Dagestan territory. Gasha and Selli license areas are geographically located in a highly oil prolific area with existing infrastructure like pipelines and train transportation in place.

The companies OOO Selli and OOO Gasha have legal rights to the licences, МАХ 00538 HP (Selli, expiry date 14 August 2026) and MAX 00539 HP (Gasha, expiry date 26 June, 2025).


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Boe Offshore, with the ability to unlock and monetise Africa’s vast hydrocarbon potential with our expertise and latest technology in the field, we are targeting the potential in the Doba basin of Chad. 

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